There are the rogues

However there are the rogues. A yougov study of 1, 702 adults discovered that 42% trust attorneys to tell the truth, straight down from 47% in 2011. The study suggests the general public are also much less confident that their customer rights will probably be protected whenever they use law firms. This is because persons abuse additional peoples reliability. They take benefit of their specialist. Just because they may have succeeded in becoming a solicitor does not mean they are above table.

This is a significant blow for this law firm, with already a string of complaints to tca concerning its methods in the maintenance fees industry specifically from numerous macdonalds owners who have enrolled to the mrl action group, many spending hundreds of pounds, and so much empty guarantees of any kind of compensation. Athena law is definitely linked to tess ltd operate by david cox, who also are the subject of economic malpractice research. One of their particular suppliers claims it paid out tess more than £1, 500, 000 this past year and received a substandard service, various timeshare owners that tess promised leaving from their unit are purported to have been getting ongoing repair bills, and threats using their timeshare vacation resort.

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