The Tabula Aigara Mystery University

The Living Like a charm Monastery can be described as monastery designed for the modern world. We do not include rituals and rules in youtube twitter. Nor will be we associated with any religious beliefs. We accept those coming from all psychic traditions with out traditions just who feel named to throw in some peace and quiet away from the disturbances of the world. Acim is a host to devotion and quiet consideration. The monastery sits on top of a 150-foot stone high cliff wall inside the mystical Blood River encolure in East Utah. two hrs east of Sodium Lake Town, Utah. A magical destination to unplug and be!

The Tabula Aigara Mystery University is a subjects unlike some other. Using the profound non-dual theories of best course in miracles teachers, this university for Arising offers a residential software for outstanding spiritual a soak. Tabula aigara means the absence of preconceived ideas or perhaps predetermined goals: a tidy or clear slate. With no personal goal, we can relax in restful emptiness with one with the Source. A peaceful way of thinking is no little gift, which is our an individual goal at the Thriller School. Among the practical equipment acim become familiar with at the school is a power of head training which can be essential inside the Awakening procedure. Discover the existence of the quietness within.

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