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A value trove info about a training course in magic and nonduality teachers. They are constantly choices among forms and specifics. Decision rests on the idea in a dualistic, linear, time-space world of opposites, including past/future, does it not really. So , it is about down to this kind of: the whole concept of choice among specifics need to rest around the concept of thready time, because contrasted with simultaneous time-Now. Heaven can be Eternal Oneness and is not related to choice seeing that there is not choose between in Oneness. 1 must observe choice exactly where it has interpretation as a learning device-at your brain level-before there may be a memories of choiceless Oneness. Simply beyond everything you think you need to do lies one easy choice.

What you just have to do is certainly make 1 decision intended for peace. Actually, it’s not a decision, it is just an approval. What we need to look at is crucial that appears to stand in the pattern of this popularity. It’s that easy. non dual consciousness David Hoffmeister, We would like to be therefore thorough in tracing particular personal alternatives back to the false perception that underlies them all, there is opening to get the grand moment that seems to modify everything but is changeless: this quick.

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